MIC History

The MIC Conference was originally started as a “football conference.” As Carmel, Warren Central, Ben Davis and North Central grew in size and in football stature, it was more and more difficult to find opponents in that sport, without traveling around the Hoosier state or across the borders. The “Super Conference” as it was originally nicknamed, sent out invites to schools throughout Indiana, with hopes that four more schools would join.

Lawrence North was the first to “step up to the plate” but her sister school in the township, Lawrence Central, opted away from that decision. The administration and coaches at that time, felt they were not ready for that lengthy of a jump just yet. It would take 17 more years for LC to reconsider and to reverse that verdict.

Center Grove was next and they made the positive decision to join by a vote of 18-2 by the head coaches at that time.

The conference name of the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference, quickly became known as the MIC around central Indiana and the State. Although invites were still being sent around the state, with the hopes of snagging two more schools, the original six (6) schools competed for one year with no interest from anyone.

In the Fall of 1996 Center Grove hosted Terre Haute North in the Football Sectional Semi-Final game. A conversation ensued between Bill Cook (AD at THN) and Center Grove Athletic Director Jon Zwitt about the possibilities of Terre Haute North and Terre Haute South joining the MIC. Full MIC acceptance of THN and THS was unanimous.

All six schools tried to integrate THN and THS as quickly as possible into their schedules. All sports – with all eight schools included – except football, boys soccer, girls soccer, boys basketball, girls basketball and volleyball were complete by the 97-98 school year. Football, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball and volleyball began with a full 8 team MIC schedule beginning in the 1998-99 school year. Girls soccer had a one week tournament in 1998 and then opted to play round robin games thereafter. Boys & Girls track, Girls tennis and Boys golf began MIC Tournaments in the Spring of 1997. Baseball began in the Spring of 1998 with a full single round robin schedule. They opted for a double round robin beginning in the 2006 season. Softball had a full round robin and a week long tournament in the Spring of 1998.

For the most part it stayed that way until the 2013-14 school year when Lawrence Central and Pike joined the conference.